Monthly Archive: July 2009


Re-Register ASP.Net with IIS

Background Various error conditions during installation or running the VersionOne application may be caused by issues with the ASP.Net setup within IIS. These issues can often be solved by re-registering ASP.Net with IIS to...


iPhone PC Suite

Is introduced by the net-long PC-side of the smart phone management tool To support the iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian and other platforms, a full range of smart models via: via:


Find files in windows using Ms-Dos Command

Run -> cmd cd\ FIND FILES (recursively) dir /s/b/l;find  “*.txt” SAVE TO FILE dir /s/b/l;find  “*.txt” > “c:\files.txt” NOW DELETE FILE IN files.txt for /F “tokens=*” %a in (files.txt) do del “%a” OR USING...