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Javascript string method prototype ex. Remove(), ReplaceAll(), Trim()

String.prototype.trim = function() { return this.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, “”); }; String.prototype.replaceAll = function(item,replacewith) { var s = this; while (s.indexOf(item) >= 0) s = s.replace(item, replacewith); return s; } String.prototype.remove = function(item) { return this.replaceAll(item, “”);...


Javascript: Copy to clipboard with or without flash

function copy_to_clipboard(text) { if(window.clipboardData) { window.clipboardData.setData(‘text’,text); } else { var clipboarddiv=document.getElementById(‘divclipboardswf’); if(clipboarddiv==null) { clipboarddiv=document.createElement(‘div’); clipboarddiv.setAttribute(“name”, “divclipboardswf”); clipboarddiv.setAttribute(“id”, “divclipboardswf”); document.body.appendChild(clipboarddiv); } clipboarddiv.innerHTML='<embed src=”clipboard.swf” FlashVars=”clipboard=’+ encodeURIComponent(text)+'” width=”0″ height=”0″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash”></embed>’; } alert(‘The text is copied to your...


Microsoft Access Data Types

The following table shows the Microsoft Access data types, data types used to create tables, and ODBC SQL data types. Microsoft Access data type Data type (CREATETABLE) ODBC SQL data type BIGBINARY[1] LONGBINARY SQL_LONGVARBINARY...