Monthly Archive: March 2016


WinSCP.NET Scripting and Task Automation

Using Scripting Enter the console/scripting mode by using; or /console command-line parameter with winscp.exe. For details see console/scripting command-line parameters. For automation, commands can be read from a script file specified by /script...


Discus Keeping and Breeding in Captivity Ebook

Table of contents: Forward Starting with Discus Preparing for Discus Water for Discus Discus in Your Aquarium Maintaining the Discus Aquarium Discus Health Breeding Discus DISCLAIMER: Download for educational purpose ONLY!!! Download here: Discus...


Great resources for discus fish keepers

Everyone starts at square one, so many questions and so much information to learn about keeping Discus. Many years ago when I first started in the Discus hobby there was much less information and...