Welcome to my blog — a cyber world of moi.

I use this blog to share my interests and collected references. I hope some posts are beneficial to you. Many posts are referenced from other sites. I tried to give credit to the original poster with their link at the bottom at the post.

Even though living as a computer programmer, I find myself very passionate about poetry, music, and photography.

I write poems when I have strong feeling toward day-to-day thing in life. Poetry is formally the most comfortable way for me to express.

Music is like a meditative tool to me, I believe music exists before human beings can speak and communicate; I wish I can play a bamboo flute one day.

Photography helps me to seek for mean and values in nature.

Finally, I love and admire any form of art, and I think you do too. ^_^

I can be reach at info@lekevin.com

Also, visit my photo gallery at photo.lekevin.com community events’ photos

Happy surfing and stay safe!