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Close Button Widget for Broken Iphone Home Button

Close Button Widget — if your iphone home button is broke, Close Button Widget and SBSetting are your iphone life saver. Rewritten for 3.0. SBSettings Close Button for those with broken home buttons. Repo:...


TomTom Iphone Navigator – Car Symbols

1. Locate your iphone to /private/var/mobile/Applications/xxx-xxx-xxx/ 2. Replace the .png(s) with the following package. TomTomIPhoneCarSymbol-CivicSI 2009 TomTom_Ferrari599 2010 TomTom_BugattiVeyron 2009


iPhone PC Suite

Is introduced by the net-long PC-side of the smart phone management tool To support the iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian and other platforms, a full range of smart models via: via: