1. Enable Fast Connection Failover for ODP.NET connection pools by subscribing to FAN high availability events. To enable Fast Connection Failover, include “HA Events=true” and “pooling=true” in the connection string, as shown in the following example where user_name is the name of the database user and password is the password for that user:

con.ConnectionString =
“User Id=user_name;Password=password;Data Source=sales;” +
“Min Pool Size=10;Connection Lifetime=120;Connection Timeout=60;” +
“HA Events=true;Incr Pool Size=5;Decr Pool Size=2”;

2. To take advantage of load balancing events with ODP.NET connection pools, set the load balancing attribute in the ConnectionString to TRUE (the default is FALSE). You can do this at connect time. This only works if you are using connection pools, or when the pooling attribute is set to TRUE which is the default.
The following example demonstrates how to configure the ConnectionString to enable load balancing

con.ConnectionString =
“User Id=user_name;Password=passw
ord;Data Source=odpapp;” +
“Min Pool Size=10;Connection Lifetime=120;Connection Timeout=60;” +
“Load Balancing=true;Incr Pool Size=5;Decr Pool Size=2”;

Download Oracle Client Failover

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