Install Mac OS on Dell Precision 690 Workstation

Le Kevin

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2 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Did you build a standard USB Drive from the tonymacx86 tool and set it to “Legacy”? Did you have to use a special config file to get it to boot to the installer? I have a similarly configured 690 and have not had success with tonymacx86. I built mine with the original tool from the linked forum on osx86.

    Have you tried High Sierra? Any luck. One thinks it ought to work being Sierra and High Sierra are fairly close.

  2. ZozoLeBo says:

    Sierra and High Sierra cannot be installed on Precision 690; they require CPUs with SSE4 capabalities and such models are not supported on this workstation. El Capitan is the latest OS X version one can run on this platform.

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