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Whenever people perpetrate a horror, atrocity or murder foul – whatever, it’s labelled thus: as inhumanity… …but only humans perpetrate these acts and so I must point out incisively that, far from being inhumanity,...



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Lightroom 3 plug-in for Zenphoto

Lars is a developer of a Lightroom2ZenPhoto plugin “Lightroom 2 Zenphoto Publishing Service v1.5.1”.

The new publishing service feature of Lightroom gives you the possibility to monitor and manage exported images on different web services. Whenever you make changes on published photos (e.g. change the image settings or some of the metadata in Lightroom), these photos will be monitored and marked, automatically. You can now republish all these photos with a single click.


zenjPlayer plugin for ZenPhoto (jPlayer for ZenPhoto)

zenjPlayer is an extension for Zenphoto with the open source script jPlayer (lastest version is jPlayer v2.0.0, which support both audio and video content).
It displays all the media files in a playlist format
It’s support both mobile devices (Android, iPhone, etc…) and regular browsers.


Miss Vietnam of Socal 2011 (Hoa Khoi Lien Truong)

The Vietnamese New Year (year of a cat) was last week, I had opportunity to work with the Union of Vietnamese Student Associations in Socal (UVSA).
It was a wonderful three days — new year, here are the photos of Miss Vietnam of Socal that I took at the festival. Congratulations to Nathalie Huynh, Queen of this 2011.


Níu Mộng Xuân

Nếu là mộng xin đừng lay tỉnh dậy,
Để ta say chuếch choáng giấc nghê thường,
Ru đêm ngủ gối chăn nồng ngây dại,
Có vòng tay nguyện che chở yêu thương …


Thao Thức Mùa Xuân

Buổi sớm mai đầu ngày cận Tết,
Nơi xứ người không có hơi xuân,
Mấy mươi năm tưởng chừng chấm hết,
Một mùa xuân đúng nghĩa trong tim ..