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Run SQL Code Block with Variables in Oracle SQL Developer

DECLARE p_cart_id NUMBER:= 125330; p_cart_item_id NUMBER; BEGIN FOR i IN 1..200 LOOP — get next sequence p_cart_item_id := tbl_cart_item.NEXTVAL;   –insert new line from select INSERT INTO TBL_CART_ITEM(cart_item_id,cart_id,item,qty, line_no) SELECT t.* FROM ( SELECT...


adb shell commands

Check mobile processor: /adb devices <em>List of devices attached</em> <em><strong>1d8568cc       </strong> device</em> <em>emulator-5554   device </em> /adb -s <em><strong>1d8568cc</strong> </em>shell cat /proc/cpuinfo <em>processor       : 0</em> <em>model name      : ARMv7 Processor rev 0 (v7l)</em> <em>BogoMIPS        : 38.40</em>...


Grunt Copy Only Changed/Watched File Only (Node.js)

Only copy modified file in “grunt watch”, see code bellow. Gruntfile.js //code for Gruntfile.js module.exports = function (grunt) {   var srcF = ‘D:/PROJECTS/2016/Website/’; var outF = ‘\\\\Computer\\d$\\2016\\Website\\’; //WINDOWS MAPPED DRIVE ie: Q:\2016\Website  ...