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Asp.net MVC Binding Data to array or object

BindAttribute Class Other Versions Represents an attribute that is used to provide details about how model binding to a parameter should occur. Inheritance Hierarchy System.Object System.Attribute System.Web.Mvc.BindAttribute Namespace: System.Web.Mvc Assembly: System.Web.Mvc (in System.Web.Mvc.dll) Example...


Using OracleParameterCollection Sample

An OracleParameterCollection class represents a collection of all parameters relevant to an OracleCommand object and their mappings to DataSet columns. // C#   USING System; USING System.Data; USING Oracle.DataAccess.Client;   class OracleParameterCollectionSample { static...


Python rename files from strings

Here is simple python code for rename files Python script can be run in Eclipse import sys import os import re     folderPath = ‘MyMusic’; fileDir = ‘//DRIVE-NETWORK-DIR/’ + folderPath +’/’ textFile =...