In the very centre of the sun
the pressure is so great that anyone
remotely sane can’t hope to comprehend
its state, so now, my friends, try to extend
your understanding thus: the speed of light
will change inside a fluid and it might
in dense enough a gas become so slow
(in fact, with modern science we now know)
it’s just a tiny fraction of the speed
it has in spatial vacuum: indeed
the density inside that solar sphere
is so extreme, light’s speed comes very near
to nothing: the result of this abstraction
will slow its speed to but a tiny fraction
so light produced inside the stellar core
crawls outward at a slow, slow speed, therefore
light takes two hundred thousand earthly years
to reach the stellar surface: it appears
the light now breaking loose upon our world
was made before our history unfurled…

…Technology and wonders that we see
took equal time before they came to be
the pressure of our prehistoric state
so great our thoughts took aeons to collate
but as the knowledge left our darkened minds
emerging to the surface where it shines
developmental speed’s acceleration
became observable: this generation
learns and builds with speeds not known before
we fear the growth of scientific lore
and wonder if the world’s destruction looms
and if it happens, whether one assumes
that fate will overtake us without warning
eight minutes and a half between its dawning
and its final stroke: for is that not
the time light takes to reach us from its hot
and fiery source: that sun up in our sky
whose synchronicity with us just might imply
that theory has merit (which is dire)
and if it’s true I’ll laugh as I expire.

– Dan Sutton, 01/2011

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