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For Carlos

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But then he said: “No, no, let it be fucked! Let the bombs rain down, Pulverize this shit. Let them be our final Catharsis, Cleansing: Let them purify us, Exalt us: Flense us of ourselves. Let the sun shine through The dust, The smoke: The vaporized remnants Of the remnants of our lives. And as […]

Whenever people perpetrate a horror, atrocity or murder foul – whatever, it’s labelled thus: as inhumanity… …but only humans perpetrate these acts and so I must point out incisively that, far from being inhumanity, these things express our base Humanity. And if you wish to form an argument against this logic I have plainly shown, […]


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In the very centre of the sun the pressure is so great that anyone remotely sane can’t hope to comprehend its state, so now, my friends, try to extend your understanding thus: the speed of light will change inside a fluid and it might in dense enough a gas become so slow (in fact, with […]


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In those days we were young and full of hope and faith and greed and love’s neurotic bile In ignorance and haste we threw away What most would take a lifetime to attain And looking back I cannot truly say What drove us to that point of no return When madness took us to that […]


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Dispassionate yet strangely compelled to persevere; one wonders where this is leading. Unsettling lack of endpoint, a purpose yet unknown; pressure inside: gravitational, dragging ever downward. One feels that hollow pull with no defining origin: a chemical reaction… but is that excuse too easy?   Sometimes the weight of this (a bizarre dispossession of ego, […]


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Looking at them, I see a shroud over their minds, in their psyches around their lives, immutable perfectly formed: a custom niche tailored, fitted, so warm and safe Who can point out the fallacy? They tiptoe through their careful lives Arriving safely at their deaths with trusting smiles, like worker ants… then they are gone, […]