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Microsoft Code Analysis 2019

Features 100+ live diagnostics for API design, performance, security, and best practices for C# and Visual Basic. Quick fixes for applicable diagnostics (using Ctrl+.). Diagnostics appear in the editor, Error List, and scroll bar....


WeOnlyDo.Net Errors, .Net 4.0 Framework PE Verifier, 4.0 Compilier

Error in Visual Studio 2010 Unexpected error reading metadata from file ‘c:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\WeOnlyDo\Assembly\WeOnlyDo.Client.SFTP.dll’ — ‘Index not found.’ Verifying with .Net 4.0 C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\WeOnlyDo\Assembly>”C:\PROGRA~1\Microsoft SDKs\Win dows\v7.0A\bin\PEVerify.exe” weonlydo.client.sftp.dll Microsoft (R) .NET Framework PE Verifier. Version 3.5.30729.1 Copyright (c)...