Jack Kramer Staff, Pro Staff 85 (St. Vincent)

Le Kevin

software engineer, photographer

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  1. X Quintana says:

    A few extra points:

    The St Vincent model had a red dot inside the frame at 12 o’clock.

    Compared to the Taiwan models, the St Vincent ones had a slightly flatter inside surface on both sides of the throat section.

    Apparently because the molds had worn out, the late St Vincent batches showed a few irregularities: the end of the grommet channels had one angle of the originally squared shape almost rounded (irregularly). This can be seen on both sides of the racquet. Additionally, the angle of the throat-frame joint on one side was irregular and not perfectly round.

    The final E of the MIDSIZE decal on one (or two) side of the throat on the St Vincent models has the middle bar closer to the bottom bar than on the same decal on the Taiwan models. The distances between the paint strips and the MIDSIZE decals are different in both models. And so are the yellow and red strips comparative thickness (the Taiwan models had a constant, almost 2-1 thickness ratio between the red and yellow strips on the outside of the throat, whereas the St Vincent models had different ratios between the two strips on both sides of the throat).

    On the St Vincent (and previous models) one can see that the “Graphite Kevlar” decal on the throat as well as the MIDSIZE (and even the “Braided….80%-20%…” decal in those units that have it) were initially applied as stickers and then painted over. On the Taiwan and successive models the lettering does not show any indication of having been applied as a sticker.

    And so long and so forth….

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